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A lady in red, A women in gold, A man in black, A gentleman in a turban & A hidden figure; Meet the A-Team behind the roaring success of #MNBFDW and its world premiere - Official Red Carpet highlight reel released!

One would think Chris De Burgh, Simon Curtis, Johnny Cash, Jan Van Eyck & Kathryn Johnson have all come together with this headline! But no, something even more magical than this has taken place!

This Diwali, the city of Nottingham in the United Kingdom has witnessed its first Red Carpet Premiere for an Indian documentary film made by Haresh Sood British-born barrister and filmmaker. Audiences flocked in from all over the country and abroad to enjoy ‘My Nieces Big Fat Delhi Wedding, making it a truly historical and magical event, marking it down as one of Nottinghamshire’s finest events to date. But who are the A team behind the success of this spectacular?

Firstly, before the first name is disclosed, one would ask, how do you get 6 dignitaries, 4 Chief guests, 2 film producers, 20 Bollywood dancers, 10 dhol (Indian drum) players and dozens of journalists all under one roof over a 4 day world premiere spectacle...... The answer is, you speak to Payal Sood from Photoclub India. Payal Sood is the lady in red who worked tirlessly behind the scenes arranging and coordinating everything to make sure it ran smoothly from one event to the next sourcing and finding Nottingham finalist talent including Nottingham Trent Students Bollywood Dance Academy and Nottingham Asian Arts Council Dance and Music Academy.

The other member of the A team is Mark Gallagar (Hucknall Arc cinema Manager) who joined in on the Diwali Festivities by welcoming all of the guests wearing a lovely multicoloured Turban especially ordered in from the district of Punjab India by Haresh. Mark and his entire team including Zanda, Robbie, Kelly and many others all dressed for the occasion and worked tirelessly to make this 4 day event a truly memorable one. They even arranged Indian street food by Blu Mandala leaving audiences licking their fingers.

In addition, Caroline Smith (Beeston Arc Cinema Manager) dressed in her gold beautiful scalf, worked tirelessly to ensure that the audiences of Nottingham also got ample opportunity to buy Indian crafts and clothes by inviting Adirya creations and Kiara Jewellery to display their products. Her staff team including Steve, Adrian and Ollie and others all deserve a big round of applause.

All 4 days were supported by Sam Viggers, the man in black from Bay Sound Systems who ensured that the question and answer sessions all ran smoothly when Haresh and the audience engaged. Sam also worked tirelessly to make sure the dancers and drummers sounds reached audiences where performances took place.

The final member of the A team, is Gary Bentley of GB micros who worked effortlessly in ensuring the Digital Cinema Package, converted to reach the widescreen, whilst at the same time taking care of all the IT for the film project.

Over the 4 days spectacular, the dignitaries whom attended included, The High Sheriff of Nottinghamshire, Dr. Harminder Dua CBE, The Right Honourable Darren Henry MP for Broxtowe, Caroline Henry Nottinghamshire Police & Crime Commissioner, The Worshipful Mayor of Broxtowe Richard MacRae, Councillors, Angela Kandola and Devinder Virdi. On the VIP guest list were, Usha Sood, one of the most prominent and senior human rights Barristers of the UK from Trent Chambers, Deanne Taylor, Senior Partner from Smalleys Solicitors, Bhavesh Jani, the pillar of Nottingham Asian Arts Council, Gurmit Kaur Community Cohesion Coordinator & Special Inspector from Nottinghamshire Police and film producers and Directors Colin Pons and Saskia Wilson who also represented Sheffield Hallam University. Haresh’s MP John Spencer also sent him his good wishes and former MP Vernon Coaker now a member of the House of Lords wished him well & Manjula Sood MBE also sent him good wishes.

The world wide launch of the film has been premiered on, who's CEO Rishi Kapoor who says he is delighted to showcase this documentary film to world audiences.

Haresh says 'I want to acknowledge God, and be thankful for all of this, my parents, my sisters and the entire Sood, Arora, Kohli and Beri family who took part in this film. This experience has been surreal! I also want to thank the media who brought this film to the world including the BBC who helped spread the word all over including Keely Donovan, Michaela Atkins, Hansa Dabee, Paulette Edwards, Natalie Wright, Ellie Colton, Andy Whittaker. I also want to thank Tom Surgay from Nub News, John Smith from the Dispatch, Diana Stannard at the Sheffield Telegraph, Notts TV, NG9 and all the other media worldwide who continue to cover this film. I would like to especially thank the entire crew of the film including Sarita Sood, Simon Thorne, Will Cocker, James Gibbons-MgGreggor, Ramesh Gualani, and Olivia Eneje. I would also like to thank Mira Niar for inspiring me to make this film. I truely beleive it is important to thank everybody involved because it is your audience who helps the film progress.

After the roaring of success of the films launch, further screenings will be announced in the near future for nationwide screenings and international online screenings.

Pictures of the Red Carpet soon, available here for you to download.

Red Carpet highlight reel.

MNBFDW Beeston and Hucknall World Premiere from Haresh Sood on Vimeo.

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